5 Reasons your Product needs a Vision

Why does your Product needs the Product Vision?

The Product Vision statement shows direction, aka sets the “true north” for the product.

Reason 1: Product vision sets the current focus of the product.

As the product life cycle goes through many stages, so the vision should be defined to hit each of the following milestones. Thus the vision should be very focused on the current product phase.

Reason 2: Product Vision is a resource saver

A good and properly defined Product Vision can save lot of resources in the organization.

Reason 3: Product vision is the ultimate prioritizer

It can be a challenge deciding which product features are the most important. Discussions on what should be developed first can raise serious dilemmas and arguments.

Reason 4: Following the Product Vision you avoid the cliché product traps

Like this one:

“Too many features” trap

No matter how “cool” or demanded some new feature request is, you should check it against the product vision. Users will always want more, but a clear and solid vision will avoid the trap, which can result in a real product failure. Read more about it in the SPP blog here: or just watch this hilarious video:

“Edge case” trap

The other trap you can find yourself without following the vision is the “edge case trap”. Trying to make the product working perfectly for everyone can seriously affect your release dates.

Reason 5: Product Vision motivates the team

Product Vision also works as a connection for the team. It connects the blue clouds of the future with day-to-day tasks which are rather technical than inspirational. A good vision allows to see the big picture and engage all the team into excitement building the product.

How to create the Product Vision?

One way how to look at the product vision is make it like the elevator pitch. The statement which is short and clear enough so you can explain it to someone within two minutes.

  • For (target customer)
  • Who (statement of the need or opportunity)
  • The (product name) is a (product category)
  • That (key benefit, compelling reason to buy)
  • Unlike (primary competitive alternative)
  • Our product (statement of primary differentiation)
  • Who the target customer is.
  • What needs the product will address (is it gain creator or pain reliever — as Isaac Jeffries describes it here)
  • Value proposition they can not resist (what makes it unique to competition).


Product Vision is an essential ingredient of healthy product development planning and execution process.



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