Swiss knife — Wenger 16999*

What is the “Swiss knife” product trap?

Individuals love universal products — you purchase it once and then you can use it for hundreds of tasks and scenarios. A typical example is the “swiss knife” which will get you out of almost any situation where you need some sort of hardware tool.

We as individuals love these…

Product vision comes from the raison d’etre — “the reason for being” — the most important reason for the product’s existence.

It describes the direction where all the product efforts should go at the current product stage of the product.

That’s been said, the product vision is not set in…

User stories are short, simple descriptions of a feature told from the perspective of the person who desires the new capability, usually a user or customer of the system.

User story basics

User story communicates features for development team:

  • Who will need the feature, eg., …
Scraperboard drawing by Bill Sanderson, 1997, via the Wellcome Library, London.

What’s the point of coming up with great ideas without strong execution?

Today, it’s pretty obvious that ideas don’t make you rich, the correct execution does!

In fact, bright ideas aren’t worth a dime without execution.

I’m Zigmars Rozentals, a firm believer in execution — ideas are not just meant…

As a [role] I want [action] so that I can [goal].

User stories are everywhere!

User stories are everywhere!
A curb cut or dropped kerb is a small ramp built into the curb of a pavement to make it easier for people using pushchairs or wheelchairs to pass from the pavement to the road.

Last few days I have been thinking about the “Curb cut effect” and what a wonderful job it magically does for all people.

What is the “Curb cut effect”?

Let me briefly explain what the “Curb cut effect” is.

A curb cut or dropped kerb is a small ramp built into the curb of a pavement…

Raksts publicēts 2016. gada decembrī.

“Aptuveni 15% pasaules iedzīvotāju ir spēju ierobežojumi (traucējumi)” -
Pasaules Veselības Organizācija.

Lai arī vēsturiski ar piekļūstamību mēs sapratām tikai apkārtējās vides piekļūstamību, mūsdienās arvien aktuālāka ir digitālās pasaules piekļūstamība.

Ikdienas uzdevumi, kuru paveikšanai agrāk bija nepieciešama fiziska pārvietošanās, transporta lietošana un patērēts laiks, tagad…

Zigmars Rozentals

Digital Transformation | 🔝 Product Management and Governance | 💯

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